What is slidefish

slidefish makes sharing information painless by simplifying your feedback loops.

Giving and receiving feedback on presentations and documents is a fundamental work process that promotes continuous improvement and leads to more effective use of valuable business resources.



Sharing presentations with slidefish is a breeze.

The app works across:

  • All browsers
  • All devices
  • All operating systems
  • 110 file types
  • 200 fonts

Presentations blocked at firewalls? Too big to email? Clunky file transfer sites or non compatible files making it hard to share? Need better managed version control? slidefish is your solution.


Getting everyone on the same page fast is simple with sildefish.

Upload a document and invite your team to review in 3 quick steps.

Comments are delivered straight to your inbox and your slidefish feedback page collates everything neatly in one place.

We empower external partners and teams, distributed work forces, and customers to engage in a collaborative environment. Anywhere, any time, on any device.


Need client responses, document mark ups, mentor feedback, team comments, group review notes or quick sign off?

Get it

  • Upload and send your presentation in a few clicks.
  • No downloads or plug-ins required, just create an account and you’re ready to go.

Give it

Provide actionable feedback by adding annotations directly from whatever device you are reviewing on. slidefish is fast, effective and from anywhere.


It’s pretty difficult to measure the client engagement of presentations that are emailed out to them but with our easy to read analytics you can:

  • See how many times your presentation was viewed (if at all)
  • How long the reviewer spent of each page
  • If it was passed on to others

This is all essential info for anyone sending out meeting or course pre-reads, sales decks or compliance documents.

Add to all that, clear and simple design-led user interfaces, with no tricky plug-ins - you absolutely do not need to be an IT expert to use slidefish.

slidefish is just simpler