Neil Smith

Neil is the driver of the project and inventor of slidefish. Neil is a web designer/developer with more than 20 years design, programming and marketing experience. Neil has strong project management skills with experience in both small scale business and large multi-nationals managing projects to completion. Neil has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Tasmania.

Stephen Barry

Stephen is the technical expert. He has been working as a mathematician and high-level programmer for almost 30 years. He has worked on projects of varying scale, often taking an idea from initial development and design through to implementation. Stephen has worked in the private sector, for government and in academia. Stephen has a PhD from the University of Wollongong.


Robert J Chalmers

Robert manages the financial and strategic planning. Bob is a successful entrepreneur who has extensive experience in business management. He has been a chartered accountant and financial advisor for well over 40 years and has seen many successful companies through to commercialisation.

Tony Meer

Tony was Chief Economist at Deutche Bank for more than 6 years. Tony brings a wealth of knowledge on the banking industry.

Soren Harner

Soren is the Vice President of Engineering at Meta. Prior to this Soren has held many senior engineering roles including VP of Engineering at Bigcommerce, VP of Engineering at Atlassian and Director of Software Engineering at Vignette.

Soren is providing invaluable advice on the architecture and design of slidefish to meet our customers needs.

Andrew Norris

Andrew is the Managing Director for Carat Australia with deep connections in the advertising and media space not only in Australia but in Europe as well.

Andrew was previously European Media Director for Apple.