slidefish manages more than 110 file types and works with more than 200 font faces. We like to make your team's life easier and more collaborative.

Better Collaboration

Put the happiness back into collaborating. Whether sharing a presentation with your team or getting feedback from a client. You can see when someone views your document and get their comments delivered straight to your inbox. And most importantly it lets everyone have input and collaborate easily.

Improved Workflows

Get everyone on the same page faster with clear friendly design which provides you with actionable information that improves your work flow.

Actionable Metrics

Now you can measure the effectiveness of your documents and presentations by seeing where your team spend their time. Did they view it more than once? Did they pass it on to others? It’s great for encouraging and measuring engagement.

Collaboration Workflow Metrics

Slidefish works on...

all browsers

all devices

all operating systems

Faster Feedback

Get feedback on your documents faster, easier and measure the effectiveness and engagement with your documents.