Simplify Your Document Collaboration

Share your 5 most common document formats in any web browser for feedback and review.


Get feedback on your documents and presentations when collaborating
Manage document changes.
Simplifying the process of getting feedback.



Imagine this...

You need to run a document by Jane in Marketing before your big presentation on Friday. You need it quick so you decide to use slidefish. Jane can open your document, read it and comment on it all in the same place.

When she saves her comments you get them delivered right back to you, fast. No need to hunt for the feedback, try to read Jane's scribbly notes or see who made what changes, when.

All the feedback is given to you in an easy to action format. Simple!

Start Using slidefish Now


With support for over 100 file types slidefish enables collaboration, allowing multiple internal or external parties to provide input, review and approval of your presentations and documents on any browser on any device.


No more juggling multiple, messy email chains to get feedback. No more toggling between apps and email to give feedback. All feedback is centrally managed through the slidefish dashboard – just fast, effective feedback.


Get metrics on reviewer interaction with your docs and presentations. Know when they open it, what pages or slides held their interest, and when they finish. Send marketing or sales material in “View Only” mode to measure client engagement to develop material with impact. Get clear visibility on when to follow up. No more guesswork.


Work smarter and increase productivity with slidefish. The centralised dashboard is the smart way to manage input, review and approvals from one or many internal and external parties. This central record of all feedback assists you with change control reducing errors, omissions and the chance of disputes.


Simple to use to give or get feedback. No downloads, no configuration, no apps. No IT infrastructure required. If you are an academic, educator, content creator or designer, marketer, lawyer, sales person or in project, technical or service delivery slidefish will simplify the process of getting and managing feedback and approvals.


Get your free slidefish account. You get the full benefits of a paid account for the first month then you use a basic account free forever.


slidefish servers are securely hosted to multiple international standards including PCI-DSS. You can set time limits on how long your docs are available for viewing and limit the number of times a document can be viewed.

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